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In Tight Israeli Election, Netanyahu?s Tenure Appears in Peril
Trump to Revoke California?s Authority to Set Stricter Auto Emissions Rules
Trump and California See Same Homeless Problem, but Not the Same Solutions
To Find Clues in Saudi Oil Attacks, U.S. Examines Missile and Drone Parts
Trump?s Challenge: Can His Word on Iran Be Trusted?
Cokie Roberts Dies; Veteran Broadcast Journalist Was 75
?I Wasn?t Asked to Do Anything Illegal,? Lewandowski Says in Hearing
California, Israel, Cokie Roberts: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing
Who Really Attacked Saudi Arabia?
Bringing Down Harvey Weinstein
When Is Impeachment Not Impeachment?
Hong Kong?s Protests Could Be Another Social Media Revolution That Ends in Failure
Shane Gillis and the Privilege of Comedy
The U.S. Should Act Before a Global Downturn Destabilizes Latin America
Something Special Is Happening in Rural America
Does Anyone Really ?Love? Private Health Insurance?
Don?t Forget Our Frontline Caregivers in the Opioid Epidemic
Mad About Kavanaugh and Gorsuch? The Best Way to Get Even Is to Pack the Court
The Ups and Downs of Life Without Wheels of My Own
The Abortion Mysticism of Pete Buttigieg
What?s the Right Way to Reverse the Obesity Epidemic?
Was the Gap Ever Cool? A Look at 50 Years in Denim and Khaki
A New Destination for Dim Sum and Culinary Discipline
In ?Sontag,? the Author?s Myth Takes Center Stage
Troubled Children?s Hospital May Resume Heart Surgeries
Trump Races for Trade Deals With Japan and India as China Fight Persists
Tropical Depression Imelda Hits Houston
Car Crashes Into Trump Plaza in New Rochelle
Chinese Government Employee Arrested in Visa Fraud Scheme
A Same-Sex Couple Changes Bachelor Nation
G.M. Chief?s Test: Satisfy Striking Workers and Sustain Bottom Line
In North Carolina, New Political Maps Don?t End Old Disputes
For Sean Spicer, the Revolving Door Led to a Dance Routine in a Lime Green Shirt
How to Take Advantage of Shoulder Season
5 Cheap(ish) Things for Self-Care in 15 Minutes a Day
If You Hate Floss, It?s O.K. to Try These Alternatives
Rugby Referee Creates a Buzz While Keeping the Peace
Francis Bacon Read Just as He Painted: Deep, Dark and Bleak
John Cohen, Champion of Old-Time Music, Is Dead at 87
Tiny Love Stories: ?It Wasn?t the Sex That Hurt, but the Lying?
Was Ric Ocasek Actually 75?
Nursing Homes Are a Breeding Ground for a Fatal Fungus
Lasker Awards Honor Advances in Modern Immunology
She Had Terrible Heartburn and Vomiting, but Her Problem Was Not in Her Stomach
Scientists Find the Skull of Humanity?s Ancestor, on a Computer

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Tennessee unveils plan to convert Medicaid into block grant
Border fence construction could destroy archaeological sites, National Park Service finds
U.S. government files lawsuit to go after Edward Snowden?s book earnings
Army meets a more modest recruiting goal in 2019
Trump administration to revoke California?s power to set stricter auto emissions standards
Merriam-Webster adds non-binary pronoun ?they? to dictionary
Sander Vanocur, TV journalist and panelist in Kennedy-Nixon debate, dies at 91
Cokie Roberts, influential Washington broadcaster, dies at 75
Computer scientist Richard Stallman resigns from MIT after comments about Epstein scandal
How a MAGA sign and a high school cheer squad ignited a debate about free speech
A plane carrying Cokie Roberts?s father disappeared over Alaska. He was never found.
What we know about the mysterious vaping-linked illness and deaths
Tropical Storm Imelda suddenly forms and is forecast to bring ?life-threatening flash flooding? to Houston area
Border fence construction could destroy archaeological sites, National Park Service finds
A lawmaker decried pigeon poop during an interview. You can guess what happened next.
Judge forced off bench after online posting of noose, ?Make America Great Again? message
Comedians are being hired by the hour to help dementia patients. Their goal? ?A full belly laugh.?
A teen allegedly wanted to ?shoot 400 people for fun.? Cops found an AK-47 in her bedroom.
Sheriff helped plot his own deputy?s killing over ?racially offensive? tape, prosecutors say
Poll finds support for school busing to reduce segregation, but only among Democrats
A gas explosion leveled a building, and a responding firefighter died, officials say
As Trump prepares big push on homelessness, White House floats new role for police
Ric Ocasek, singer-songwriter and sparkplug for the Cars, dies at 75
James Robertson, federal judge who took stand against warrantless surveillance, dies at 81

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Rep Omar Compares Anti-Israel BDS movement to Boston Tea Party
Jay Sekulow?s Mueller Testimony Preview
Breaking: Mueller Testifies Before Congress
ACLJ Launches Investigation of Comey?s Spies
Uncovered: Clinton Lawyers Given Immunity from Espionage Act
Deep State Hides Evidence from Public
DEBATE REVIEW: Leftist Extremism Showcased
A Nation in Mourning
BREAKING: California Rewrites U.S. Constitution
Congressman Castro Intentionally Endangers Trump Supporters
BREAKING: ACLJ Sues FBI over Comey?s White House Spies
ACLJ Takes on Weakened Planned Parenthood in Court
CNN Selects Next Democrat Debate Lineup
Europe to Force Warning Labels on Jewish-Made Products
How Far Left Will The Democrats Go?
House Democrats Invent Fake Impeachment Proceedings
President Trump Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding by $60 Million
REPORT: Iran directly attacks Saudi Arabia. US ?Locked and Loaded.?
Reps. Omar and Tlaib Threaten Israel?s Aid
Strike 3 for Planned Parenthood at the 9th Circuit
CASE CLOSED: My Live Analysis of the Mueller Hearing
Trump Admin Stops Government Discrimination of Religion
Bernie Sanders says Increasing Abortion will Protect the Environment
DEBATE COVERAGE: Democrat Presidential Candidates Label Conservatives Racists
REPORT: James Comey?s Reckoning is Imminent
Why This Israeli Election Should Be Important To You
The Deep State in Deep Trouble
TONIGHT: The Top 10 Democrats Debate
Breaking: James Comey Planted Spies in the White House
ACLJ Exposes Forced Abortion Coercion at Taxpayer Funded Hospital
ACLJ at the Forefront on Major Issues
9/11 Remembered ft. Mayor Giuliani and Attorney General Ashcroft
Why Your Support of the ACLJ Matters
Palestinian President Threatens Invasion of Jerusalem
Pastor Brunson Joins us in Studio after 2 years in Turkish Prison
Is it Time for New Gun Regulations?
Virginia Targets ?Jesus Loves You?
ACLJ Takes On Christian Persecution at the UN
Maddow?s Racial Smear Against Jewish Judicial Nominee
Terror Ties Behind Squad?s Botched Israel Trip
BREAKING: IG Report Finds Comey Violated FBI Policies
BREAKING: Israel Bans Reps. Omar and Tlaib
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