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Sondland, Defiant, Says He Followed Trump?s Orders to Pressure Ukraine
Key Moments From Sondland, Cooper and Hale Testimony
Pompeo Emerges as a Major Trump Enabler in Ukraine Affair
?I Want Nothing,? Trump Says, Quoting From Sondland?s Testimony
Vindman?s Lawyer Asks Fox News to Retract Espionage Allegation
Bombshells and Cringe Jokes on a Huge Day of Testimony
Democratic Debate Live: The Candidates and the Big Issues Tonight in Atlanta
What Do We Hear When Women Speak?
?I?m 17 Years Old, and I?m Terrified?: The Issues Our Readers Hope Come Up at the Democratic Debate
Frozen in Place: Americans Are Moving at the Lowest Rate on Record
G.M. Sues Rival Over Bribery Scheme as Union Scandal Expands
After Disastrous Epstein Interview, Prince Andrew Steps Down From Public Duties
Gordon Sondland, Debate, Google: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing
?Everyone Was in the Loop?
How Democrats Would Tax High-Income Professionals
The Plan to Rescue El Chapo?s Son: Chaos, Guns and Fear
Sondland Has Implicated the President and His Top Men
Donald Trump?s Gordon Problem
Should Trump Tromp Rudy?
Gordon Sondland Leaves Us With No Other Option
Trump Is Doing Exactly What He Was Elected to Do
Vacillating Trump Supporter, Take Two
Here?s One Reason the U.S. Military Can?t Fix Its Own Equipment
The Next Decade Will Be Just as Bad
Christmas Season Starts in November. Deal With It.
The Danger of Elizabeth Warren
Dear Debate Moderators ?
What Happened to the Stolen Gold Toilet?
Chinese Roast Duck, but Make It Turkey
Seeing Margaret Thatcher Whole
U.S. Bill Supporting Hong Kong Rights Heads to Trump?s Desk
Google to Limit Targeting of Political Ads
How the Collapse of Local News Is Causing a ?National Crisis?
Trump?s F.D.A. Nominee Sidesteps Questions About Banning Flavored Vaping Products
10-Year-Old Boy Who Was Shot at High School Football Game Dies
Tesla?s Winding Road to Berlin
Google Hires Firm Known for Anti-Union Efforts
After 2 Elections and 3 Tries, Israel Is No Closer to Forming a New Government
Trudeau Won the Election, but Hasn?t Won Over Western Canada
How to Defuse Tension at the Dinner Table During the Holidays
5 Things to Avoid on Black Friday
If You Want One of These Things, Wait Until Black Friday
How to ? Literally ? Sound More Confident and Persuasive
5 Cheap(ish) Things for Throwing a Party in a Small Space
Peer Inside Tashkent?s Art-Filled (and Long-Shrouded) Subway
A Prominent Chinese-American Artist Is the Latest to Fall Afoul of China?s Censors
Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus: What Shows Are Worth Watching?
English Soccer Is Hopelessly Addicted to Josť Mourinho
An Artist Who Makes Absurdist Paintings in a Former Church
Getting a Handle on Self-Harm
How Did Plants Conquer Land? These Humble Algae Hold Clues
We Teach A.I. Systems Everything, Including Our Biases
As a Mountain Biking Motivator, Add a Little Electronic Assist
Stop! Don?t Charge Your Phone This Way
A White House Now ?Cannibalizing Itself?

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Troubled renovation of Denver International Airport offers lessons for others
A teen smuggler used a remote-control car to get 55 pounds of meth across the border, officials say
Calif. utility cuts power to tens of thousands as fire risk rises again
Study: Shooting victims have increased risk of mental harm long after physical injuries heal
Southeast will have the best U.S. views of rare ?short-lived outburst? of up to 100 meteors
Grassley, Warner demand meeting with FBI in Bijan Ghaisar shooting case
Music thief hits sour note but changes tune when video hits Internet
A rape kit wasn?t tested for 23 years. Police just matched the DNA ? to a man suspected all along.
A comedian wrote about his baby?s death on Twitter. Then hundreds poured out their own grief.
Three teens, tired of video games, decided to play ?catch a predator.? Police say it worked.
White teen girl detailed plan for racist attack on black churchgoers in notebook, police say
Rep. Ilhan Omar wants compassion for Trump supporter convicted of making death threats against her
A prosecutor used his 13-year-old daughter as bait to catch her molester. His plan could backfire.
What happens when college students discuss lab work in Spanish, philosophy in Chinese or opera in Italian?
Justice Dept. charges two Manhattan jail workers accused of failing to check on Jeffrey Epstein before his death in August
?Sick and terrible?: VH1 reality show slammed for featuring El Chapo?s wife
?It will haunt us?: Colorado man gets life sentence for fatally beating fiancee and burning her remains
Shooting at Fresno, Calif., backyard party kills four and wounds six in targeted attack, police say
A drug dealer who gave a college student opioids to end her life was sentenced to 24 years

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BREAKING: President Trump Stands Up for Religious Freedom at U.N.
HAPPENING NOW: House Intelligence Committee Shreds the Constitution
Deep State: Back For Revenge
Deep State Weaponizes So-called Whistleblower Process
Deep State Intel Community PANICS
BREAKING: Big Court Win for President Trump
Schiff?s Reckless Abuse of the Constitution
BREAKING: President Trump wins in NY Tax Return Fight
President Stands Up to Democrat Charade
ACLJ in Federal Court Defending Life
Mounting Irregularities In Democrat Inquiry
Schiff?s Lie About Whistleblower Contact Exposed
Schiff: Whistleblower Testimony Not Needed to Impeach President
Democrat Debate: Questions They Need to Answer
Planned Parenthood Employee Jokes About Selling Baby Body Parts for Lamborghini
Hillary Clinton Predicts: Russian Agents to Blame for 2020 Loss
Whistleblower?s Attorney in 2017: ?Coup Has Started... Impeachment will Follow?
Breaking: US Attorney Durham?s Review of Russia Inquiry Now Criminal Investigation
Impeachmentmania: Adam Schiff?s Fixed Hearings
Democrats Move the Goalposts on Impeachment
Adam Schiff Continues to Mislead Public
?Whistleblower? Attorney to President Trump: Cease and Desist
Democrat Debate Fallout
The Fix Is In: Adam Schiff Rejects Relevant Witnesses
Inquiry Rules: Surrender Your Constitutional Rights and Maybe You Can Speak
Here We Go Again: Week 2?s Impeachment Hearing Schedule
Schiff Star Witness: Ukraine Offered Me Minister of Defense Job
LIVE: Adam Schiff?s Circus Continues
Pres. Trump to the UN: The Future Does Not Belong to Globalists
Impeachment Inquiry: He Said, She Said
President Trump: ISIS Leader Died Like a Dog and a Coward
Breaking: House Schedules First Public Impeachment Hearings
Understanding the Conflict in Turkey
BREAKING: Presidential Harassment Case Heads to Supreme Court
BREAKING: ACLJ Fights for US Soldiers Under Attack at International Criminal Court
BREAKING: McConnell Joins Graham Resolution Condemning House Impeachment Inquiry
Report: Deep State Ties to Schiff?s ?Whistleblower? Emerge
LIVE: Exclusive Analysis of Impeachment Hearing
Trick or Treat: The House Impeachment Inquiry Vote
Furious at U.S. Victory over ISIS, Pelosi Calls Impeachment Vote
BREAKING: Trump Tax Return Fight Likely Heads to Supreme Court
Detailed Analysis of the Unredacted Transcript
Sen. Graham Introducing Resolution Condemning House Impeachment Inquiry
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