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Capitol Riot Puts Spotlight on ?Apocalyptically Minded? Global Far Right
Inside the Deadly Capitol Shooting
Pennsylvania Lawmaker Played Key Role in Trump?s Plot to Oust Acting Attorney General
How Democrats Planned for Doomsday
Where Giuliani Still Routinely Offers False Claims of Election Fraud
Man Threatened to Assassinate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Officials Say
Arizona G.O.P. Censures Three Top Members Criticized by Trump Loyalists
Surge of Student Suicides Pushes Las Vegas Schools to Reopen
What If You Never Get Better From Covid-19?
Variants Threaten to Undo Progress as World Nears 100 Million Cases
In Biden?s Catholic Faith, an Ascendant Liberal Christianity
Is President Biden Ready for the New Senate?
Financial Aid: Grades, Merit and Talking to Kids About Paying for College
Retirement in Florida? Tom Brady?s Next Move Might Be to the Super Bowl
The Bills Rack Up Wins. Folding Tables Get Wrecked.
Ted Thompson, Who Helped Revive the Packers, Is Dead at 68
Impeachment, Coronavirus Vaccines, N.F.L. Playoffs: Your Weekend Briefing
The Sunday Read: ?The Amateur Cloud Society That (Sort Of) Rattled the Scientific Community?
What Art Does for Us
America?s Caste System Is 400 Years Old. That Doesn?t Change Overnight.
Joe Biden and Democrats Must Help People Fast
With Online Terms of Service, What Happens When You Click 'Agree'?
Biden Must Reckon With Obama-Era Immigration Mistakes
Joe Biden?s Catholic Moment
Is Kevin Cooper an Innocent Man?
The ?Muslim Ban? Is Over. The Harm Lives On.
America?s Other Front Line
Hank Aaron Interview: ?I Recognized That I Had a Gift?
A New Era of Far-Right Violence
America Has a GPS Problem
The End of Trump Can Be the Beginning of America
The Vaccinated Class
Just Don?t Call Her a Ghostwriter
Providence Kept Classrooms Open, and the Students Came Back
I.R.S. Pushes Back Start of 2020 Tax Filing Season
Uber, After Buying Postmates, Lays Off More Than 180 Employees
Walter Bernstein, Celebrated Screenwriter, Is Dead at 101
China Sends Warplanes to Taiwan Strait in a Show of Force to Biden
How Dustin Poirier Beat Conor McGregor at U.F.C. 257
For Nicaragua?s Lobstermen, Deadly Dives Are All Too Common
How Beijing Turned China?s Covid-19 Tragedy to Its Advantage
Pro-Navalny Protest Photos: Wave of Anger Rolls Across Russia
Ahead of the Australian Open, 2 Wild Weeks of Practice
I Can?t Wait to Make This Chicken
Palberta Blends Big-Tent Pop and Art-Rock on ?Palberta5000?
Looking for a Great Courtroom Drama? Start Here
My Neighbor, My Pandemic Pal
Warm Hearts at an Icy Elopement
How Martha Teichner, CBS Correspondent, Spends Her Sundays
Edward Burns Returns to Long Island with ?Bridge and Tunnel?
How to Knit Bernie's Mittens and More
The Crispiest, Creamiest Vegan Pasta
Six Stars, Six Eclipses: ?The Fact That It Exists Blows My Mind?
Emerging Coronavirus Variants May Pose Challenges to Vaccines
Foods That May Lead to a Healthier Gut and Better Health
Revealed: The Shipworm Sex Tapes
Do You Know Where the Vice President Lives?
For Many Across America, a Sigh of Relief as a New Era Begins
Your New Breakfast Plan
Simple Soup Recipes
Spelling Bee
The Crossword, Tiles and More

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California church known for its anti-LGBTQ beliefs is bombed
Texas sues Biden administration over 100-day deportation ?pause?
George Floyd languished inside a Texas prison. Communities and companies saw it as ?economic development.?
A Michigan woman asked county officials to denounce the Proud Boys. One commissioner flashed a rifle instead.
Advocacy groups push for Marjorie Taylor Greene?s resignation over report that she spread falsehoods about school shootings
Ex-Houston police officer claimed he only breached the Capitol during riots to see ?historical art?
To honor Kamala Harris, these women are bringing a traditional Indian art form to D.C., made by thousands of hands
The final U.S. county to get the coronavirus? A remote Hawaiian outpost and former leper colony.
With a new administration, activists hope for a focus on environmental racism
Coronavirus updates: Biden says total deaths will soon top 500,000, after U.S. sets another daily record
Biden?s Cesar Chavez bust in the Oval Office signals a new era for Latinos, activists hope: ?It shows that he?s authentic?
Bernie Sanders ? and his mittens ? was everywhere on Inauguration Day. Just ask the Internet.
At his swearing-in, Jon Ossoff used a Hebrew Bible from an MLK ally whose synagogue was bombed by white supremacists
As Biden addressed the world, an unknown man in uniform stood watch over his son Beau?s grave
Obama, Bush and Clinton release video praising peaceful transfers of power, as Trump skips inauguration

Site: Sekulow Radio Show
House to Impeach Wednesday
Chaos Erupts in DC., Pres. Trump calls for ?Orderly Transition on Jan. 20?
BREAKING: Controversial Video Surfaces from Georgia Election Night
Thanksgiving Special: The Crucial Work of the ACLJ
Critical Victories for Life
BREAKING: House Members DEMAND Pelosi Remove Swalwell From House Intel Committee
BREAKING: Pelosi to Deliver Impeachment Article to Senate on Monday
GA Sec. of State Warns Out of State Voters
Does the Senate Have Authority to Try Second Impeachment?
ACLJ Needed Now More than Ever
SCOTUS Rejects Texas? Lawsuit, What Happens Now?
BREAKING: President Trump and 18 States File at Supreme Court
BREAKING: Georgia Secretary of State Warns 8,000 Out of State Voters Ahead of Runoff
CNN Calls to Eliminate Conservative News
BREAKING: Judge Blocks Erasing of Dominion Voting Machines in 3 Georgia Counties
Biden?s Press Secretary: Senate Can Multi-Task on Impeachment
ACLJ: How We Are Fighting for You
Democrats Pursuing Impeachment with 12 Days Left in Trump Presidency
BREAKING: The Battle Over Electors in Congress and the Vice President?s Role
The Iran Threat in a Potential Biden Admin
Ted Cruz Leads Group of Senators Opposing Election Certification
BREAKING: Big Supreme Court Win for Churches in California
BREAKING: 5th Circuit Says Planned Parenthood Can Be Defunded
Happening Now: House Impeachment Proceedings Against President Trump
The Jay Sekulow Band New Year?s Eve Concert Event
BREAKING: Bipartisan Stimulus Deal Reached
Breaking: SCOTUS Orders Response to Texas Lawsuit
Thank You President Trump
It Begins: Georgia Investigating Voter Fraud in Senate Runoff
Exclusive Analysis: Eric Swalwell & the Chinese Spy
Breaking: Texas Sues PA, GA, MI, & WI at Supreme Court
An Emboldened Iran Tests the Incoming Biden Administration
President Trump Blasts COVID Stimulus Package, Wants More for the American People
BREAKING: More Strzok Texts Revealed
Merry Christmas from the ACLJ
ANY MOMENT: SCOTUS Action on Texas Case
Breaking: Justice Alito Orders Response in PA Case
Political Hypocrisy on Full Display in Washington DC
Our Fight Continues
Assessing Foreign Threats with Ric Grenell
Breaking: Pelosi Introduces Articles of Impeachment
HAPPENING NOW: Georgia Votes in Most Important Senate Election in History
COVID Vaccine: Prisoners Before Grandparents?
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